The company Pro-Trim provides a variety of landscaping services in the Ottawa and Outaouais area. We are experts in tree removal and pruning for both residential and industrial purposes and thus specialized in stump removal and as well as in grass cutting and pruning cedar hedges. Please see the list of services below for more details on our landscape services. If you have any questions about our landscaping services or would like a free estimate, please feel free to contact our landscape professionals:


Tree Removal
When a tree is dying or too crowded, the safest and healthiest course of action is to bring it down. If one or more are in your way, Pro-Trim's dedicated crew will safely take care of your tree removal needs. Pro-Trim relies on the expertise of it's qualified and certified tree workers and arborists to get its tree work done. All of our projects are covered with our commercial insurance... Read More
Services - Tree Pruning
Tree pruning and growth maintenance shape the tree, so that the spreading branches form the most attractive appearance. So let Pro-Trim take care of your tree pruning need by cutting your diseased, dying, and dead branches. You can rely on the expertise of Pro-Trim's qualified and certified tree workers and arborists to get your tree pruning work done. All of our projects are covered with... Read More
Stump Removal
Have a tree stump in your way? Pro-Trim can take of it for you. We'll cut and grind your tree stumps fast and clean up so you won't even know they were there in the first place. We utilize professional equipment to do the work to achieve professional results. Call or click to remove your tree stumps.


Sod gives your lawn instant beauty without the time consuming task of seeding. Let Pro-Trim install the finest top quality sod on your lawn. You will be assured of a beautiful lawn that will be enjoyed for years to come. Our high quality sod will get you instant curb appeal. Call us today or click to get your sod installed.
Power Raking
Power Raking creates a beautiful lawn and ensures your soil receives nutrients, oxygen and water. It also removes the dead debris and crust that builds up on a lawn over winter. Let Pro-Trim take care of your lawn this summer. Call us today or click to get a Free Power Raking estimate.
Lawn Mowing
Are you tired of spending your weekends keeping your yard mowed? Let Pro-Trim keep your yard mowed so you can enjoy your weekends. Pro-Trim offers several levels of mowing to fit every homeowners varying need. Pro-Trim's basic service consists of mowing, edging, weed-eating and blowing of hardscape. Additionally, we also offer a more complete service that includes weeding all beds and the... Read More
Lawn Aeration
Our aeration program uses a small machine - about the size of a lawn mower - to loosen the soil by punching small holes down into the turf. When the soil is loosened, moisture and nutrients can more easily be delivered to the roots of the turf. Call us or click to get a Free Estimate to make your grass breathe again!


Hedge Trimming
We specialize in cedar hedges and can do all of your trees whether they need thin out or de-mossing. We understand that hedges require maintenance while some only need trimming once or twice a year, others more often. Regular trimming at the right time is better for the hedge and can produce a smarter look and better display in the next years to come. Call us or click to get your tree... Read More
Cedar Sale
You want your landscape to look as vibrant as possible, why not add a few cedar trees or even a full hedge! Our cedar trees are selected according to the highest of standards. Our dedicated crew will deliver and install your new trees. Call us or click to get new cedar trees.
Cedar Installation
Pro-Trim will install your cedar trees for you. Call us or click to get a free cedar installation estimate.


Snow Removal
Winter quickly shows up and so does the snow. Leave your shovel behind and let Pro-Trim take care of your driveway for you. Call us or click to get Driveway Plowing services.


Pro-Trim is dedicated to provide you with custom expert landscaping services including interlock and natural stone driveways, stairs, patios and walkways. Our team provides custom design and installation of your landscaping projet. Call us or click to Start Your New Walkway project.
Spring & Fall Cleanup
Spring and fall clean ups can be a harsh task, but not for us! Our dedicated crew will ensure that your yard and trees are ready for the summer or the winter. Call us now or click to get our Yard Cleaning services.